Design Studies Symposium (DSS) 2024

İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi'nin Tasarım Çalışmaları Yüksek Lisans Programı ve Güzel Sanatlar ve Tasarım Fakültesi tarafından düzenlenen "Design Studies Symposium (DSS) 2024" için 19 Nisan 2024 tarihine kadar başvuru yapılabiliyor.

DSS 2024 Call for Papers

Theme: Design Dialogues

The Design Studies Graduate Program and the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at the Izmir University of Economics is organizing the third annual “Design Studies Symposium (DSS)”, formerly known as Face-to-Fest. The theme of the symposium this year is, “Design Dialogues.”

The Design Studies M.Des. and Ph.D. Programs at the Izmir University of Economics are planning to organize a one-day “Design Studies Symposium (DSS)” to share the outcomes and discuss the aims of the program. Following the success of Face-to-Fest organized in 2021-22, and DSS 2023 with the theme, Realities and Boundaries, this year the DSS2024 event with its theme, Design Dialogues, will include rigorous discussions in design, with the attendance of scholars in design, with a focus on paper and poster presentations of graduate student research. For this reason, we kindly request quality contributions from you within the scope of Design Studies. We plan to publish the abstracts e-book parallel to the symposium.

Please send 300-word abstracts to by 19th of April, Friday @23.59.

Design Studies Program Coordination Team

Guest Symposium Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Didem YAVUZ VELİPAŞAOĞLU

Head of Design Studies: Prof. Dr. Deniz HASIRCI

Design Studies Program Coordinators: Asst. Prof. Dr. Tuba DOĞU, Asst. Prof. Dr. Deniz AVCI-HOSANLI, Asst. Prof. Dr. Gözde Damla TURHAN-HASKARA

Design Studies Program Assistant: Res. Asst. Ali Rıza BAYRAK

dia “across, between” + legein “to speak”

Dialogue refers to the interaction where two or more individuals engage in a verbal or written conversation. Dialogue is not a unilateral action, rather is a mutual concept that evolves constantly according to the ideas of the parties involved. It serves as both a literary and visual representation of such exchanges. In an interdisciplinary setting, this interaction may occur among the researchers and participants, among the shareholders, and between the designer and the user. This year, we are seeking submissions that utilize critical design studies to investigate the diverse scales involved in diverse dialogues and their, considering social, cultural, and functional perspectives. We highly encourage presentations at:

+ Theoretical examination of how design processes manifest at both macro and micro levels.

+ Empirical investigation into how interactions in design between different regions and cultures affect local, regional, and international realities.

+ Analysis of the hyperreal nature of artificial intelligence dynamics, focusing on the blurring of boundaries between the virtual and the real.

+ Exploration of the complex methodologies utilized in design studies, both theoretical and empirical.

DSS2023 Abstracts e-Book published by IUE Publications can be reached at this link.

Important Dates

Call for abstracts: 08.03.2024

Abstract submissions: 19.04.2024 23:59

Symposium date and Location: IUE Campus, details will be announced soon.